Lending Library, Professional Development and Commissions & Collaborations

Singfest & Professional Development

SingFest – A Community Celebration of Song

SingFest 2020 will be held this fall at Glenbard West High School. More info here.

Each spring at SingFest, students invited by their music teachers join with Anima – Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus in a fun and inspirational day of singing that ends with a concert open to the public. With a track of activities for teachers, and one for students, the day provides networking, shared learning, new ideas, and fun for students and teachers from four counties.

Lending Library

The music library at Anima contains over a thousand titles of treble chorus repertoire. We are opening up our library to area schools and churches to help support their music programs. Currently, school and church music budgets are minimal, and Anima wishes to help augment the repertoire of these institutions by allowing them to borrow music from our library at no cost. Anima is pleased to offer this service to our musical community.

There are two ways of accessing our library:

  1. If you have a specific title or composer in mind, please fill out the contact form below to request more info.
  2. If you wish to come to our facility to look through the library, please fill out the contact form below to request more info.

Lending Guidelines:

  1. Limit of 3 titles may be borrowed at one time
  2. The borrowing institution must replace any lost or mutilated copies
  3. Any markings must be erased from the music (only pencil, no highlighting of music)

Commissions & Collaborations

Through the commissioning of new choral literature for children’s choruses, Anima is committed in supporting the creation of new and exciting repertoire. With over 80 commissions with 40 different composers, Anima has been a leader in pairing great literature with creative composers.

All inquiries regarding commissions should be sent to Dr. Charles Sundquist, Artistic Director.