Community Outreach

Summer Programs

Summer Music Academy


Summer Music Academy is for youth entering grades 5 – 9 and provides exceptional musicianship and performance training in an intensive week-long session during the summer. Activities include sessions on vocal technique, movement,  score reading skills, dramatic improvisation, and staged scenes from age-appropriate dramatic works. Here’s some added benefits:

  • Vocal Techniques:  Learn healthy ways to use both your speaking and singing voice
  • Musicianship Skills:  Learn how to read musical notes and rhythms
  • Acting Techniques:  Gain awareness of being on stage, explore character development, and engage in improv exercises.

Dates, times, location to be announced

Summer Sing Camps – Treble Camp


This camp serves as an introduction to Anima’s Award Winning Programs, allowing kids to experience an atmosphere of joyful musical expression and learn:

  • Healthy singing habits
  • Aural skills
  • Beginning music reading skills

Daily sessions include:

  • Training in proper vocal habits (posture, breath, vowel and tone production)
  • Musical games (movement and fun)
  • Learning songs in unison and two parts

Repertoire is drawn from music by classical composers, world music from many cultures, and American music by living composers.

Dates, times, location to be announced

KidSinger Camp


This camp creates an atmosphere of joy and discovery for the littlest singer! Here’s what your child can expect to learn:

  1. Understanding the difference in singing voice and speaking voice
  2. Moving to music
  3. Developing early aural skills
  4. Developing self confidence in relationship with others

Repertoire is drawn from folk songs, musical games, and unison and partner songs from America, as well as, other countries.

Dates, times, location to be announced