Concert Chorus

Concert Chorus Curriculum (intermediate twice-a-week ensemble)

  • Primarily grades 4–8
  • Continued vocal development using skills learned in Treble Chorus
  • Ability to sing in unison, two-part, three-part, and a cappella repertoire
  • Introduction of key signatures, and mastery of major keys by year’s end
  • Expansion of musicianship skills in the mastery of more difficult sight singing excerpts, in a variety of major keys, using moveable “do”
  • Understanding of time signatures and more complex rhythmic patterns
  • Understanding of musical concepts as related to musical form and style periods.
  • Demonstration of greater musicality and expressivity in musical performance, as well as
  • a professional standard of deportment and focus.
  • Love of music as an expressive, artistic medium
  • Two major concerts, with Treble and Touring ensembles: December and May
  • Extended weekend tour to exchange with another youth choir OR a summer festival for young voices, plus 2 – 3 local performances per semester