Touring Chorus

Touring Chorus Curriculum (advanced, twice-a-week practice; primarily grades 7 – 12)

  • Continued refinement of vocal skills, including an expanded singing range and technical ability in service of phrasing, dynamic contrast, breath control, and language mastery
  • Ability to sing in three, four, or more parts, including commissioned works and non-tonal works
  • Sight Singing using moveable do for major keys, “la” or do/based minor keys, and intervallic reading for non-tonal works or rapidly shifting tonalities
  • Demonstrated understanding of all major key signatures, relative and parallel minors
  • The ability to read and count more complex rhythms in more complex meters
  • Demonstrated understanding of musical concepts as related to musical form and performance practice
  • Demonstration of superior musical skills and professional standards
  • Love of music as an expressive, artistic medium and life force
  • Two major concerts, with Treble and Concert ensembles: December and May
  • Summer touring –national or international and/or performance opportunities at Ravinia, Millennium Park, etc.
  • 10 – 25 additional performances throughout the season