Treble Chorus 2nd – 5th Grade

Treble Chorus Curriculum (beginning once-a-week ensemble; primarily grades 2 – 5)

  • Healthy head voice habits, body alignment and rib/diaphragmatic breathing
  • Pure vowels and a kinesthetic awareness of resonance
  • Ability to sing unison, two–part, and some three-part repertoire
  • Solfege – aural and simple written work
  • Basic sight singing skills – simple step-wise patterns in solfege, then moving to skips
  • Introduction of rhythmic note values and notations; ability to clap basic patterns
  • Learning of pitch letter names – all treble clef lines and spaces
  • Understanding of musical terms found in the repertoire
  • Love of music as an expressive, artistic medium
  • Confidence singing alone and in a group; performance poise on stage
  • Major concerts with Concert and Touring ensembles in December and May, and 1 -2 local community performances per semester; a recital with KidSingers 2x/year

Treble Plus Curriculum

  • On Tuesdays, Treble Plus participants will focus on all skills learned in Treble Chorus including, Pure vowels and a kinesthetic awareness of resonance
  • On Thursdays, Treble Plus participants will meet with their conductor in a small group-voice lesson setting to:
    • continue refinement of skills learned in Treble Chorus in a matter that is tailored to each child; and
    • receive an introduction of musicianship skills learned in Concert Chorus (includes rehearsal time with Concert Chorus).
  • Participants in Treble Plus are invited to perform specific works with Concert Chorus during major performances as determined by their conductor.